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Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste 100ml

  • Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste 100ml
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It provides daily protection against the most common burdens of orthodontic treatment: sores, ulcers, dental bio film build up, gingivitis, dental enamel demineralising and bad breath. Its apple-mint flavour makes tooth brushing a pleasant experience. Exclusive formula includes the following active ingredients CPC (Cetilpiridine Chloride 0,05%) - Prevents bacterial plaque formation and protects against gingival infections. - Prevents bad breath and helps keep oral pathogens out of the oral cavity and off of orthodontic appliances. Fluoride (0,33%) - Prevents caries and re-mineralizes dental enamel. Allantoin Protects against irritation caused by the rubbing of orthodontic appliances thanks to its regenerative effect on gingival epithelium. Aloe Vera Healing effect helps to reduce inflammation.