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Vitis Othodontic Toothbrush

  • Vitis Othodontic Toothbrush
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Oral hygiene is very important during orthodontic treatment as the presence of appliances not only makes the cleaning more difficult but also favours dental biofilm and food debris build up. For a good oral hygiene in orthodontic wearers, it is important to choose the correct toothbrush, specifically designed for wearers of fix orthodontic appliances. VITIS Orthodontic is the ideal toothbrush to eliminate dental biofilm of wearers of orthodontic appliances. The special shape of its bristles enables cleaning between teeth. Features: V Shaped bristles: Its arrangement enables the efficient cleaning of the areas around the orthodontic's appliances. Monotip attack zone: Specific head bristles in rounded position to disorganize the most resistant dental biofilm in difficult to reach areas. Soft bristles: Soft bristles. Small size head and rounded edge: FIts small head facilitates the brushing and enables to reach farthest areas. No harm to your gums: Specially rounded and textured bristles designed to protect dental enamel and gums. Wavy bristles: Wavy bristles facilitate perfect access to interdental spaces. Ergonomic handle: Designed to perfectly fit in your hand and to adapt to the shape of your mouth. Flexible, comfortable and safe. Protective cap: The protective cap keeps the bristles together and in optimal condition, while it isolates them from external contacts. All VITIS toothbrushes, are manufactured with the best quality standards and technology to avoid harm to the gums while eliminating dental biofilm built up in your mouth. Brushing tips for wearers of orthodontic appliances: - Use our specific orthodontic toothbrush VITIS Orthodontic access small head to get rid of food debris and built in biofilm.