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Tepe Extra Soft Interdental Brushes

  • Tepe Extra Soft Interdental Brushes
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Extra soft Filaments, ideal for patients with sensitive teeth and gums. More comfortable in use. The easy grip handle (With optional extension tube) and multiple brushing fibres which extend at 90 degrees out of a flexible central wire core are an extremely efficient method of removing bacteria and food debris from below tooth contact points (Where other brushes will not reach at all).These brushes form an essential part of any effective oral hygiene discipline.The choice of sizes allows you to equip yourself with a variety of brushes to best suit the differing space sizes commonly found between teeth in various parts of the mouth. Each pack contains 8 brushes of a single colour.

Available in five different sizes:

  • xx fine - RED - 0.5mm
  • x fine - BLUE - 0.6mm 
  • fine - YELLOW - 0.7mm  
  • medium - GREEN - 0.8mm 
  • large - PURPLE - 1.1mm