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Ultradex Oral Rinse 500ml

  • Ultradex Oral Rinse 500ml
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UltraDEX® Daily Oral Rinse Powered by iQ+ ActiveOxi Technology™ Backed by extensive scientific research studies, regular use of UltraDEX Daily Oral Rinse will assure you of whiter teeth, exceptional oral care and fresh breath confidence. Gentle, effective and long-lasting, alcohol free UltraDEX® Daily Oral Rinse does not need flavour to deliver fresh breath confidence. The unflavoured version comes with a separate mint sachet to suit personal taste. Key benefits: • 100% free from alcohol & colouring; safe & effective for every day, long term use • Available clear and unflavoured (250/500ml) or pre-flavoured with mint (250ml) • Used and recommended by dental care professionals for Periodontal Therapy, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants • Contains 230ppm Sodium Monoflurophosphate to help fight cavities and strengthen teeth. Non-fluoridated option available