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Earol Olive oil Spray

  • Earol Olive oil Spray
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Clinically proven to soften and naturally remove impacted and compacted earwax, prevent itchy ears and soothe irritated ears.

  • Softens the wax allowing the ear to naturally discard compacted or impacted wax. No ear syringing or follow-up GP appointment needed.
  • Earol® is clinically proven to soothe itchy and irritated ears and can be used for all age groups, 1 year and above.
  • Earol® has a tapered actuator to ensure that it cannot be pushed into the ear canal too far.
  • Earol® is simple to use, natural, patient-intuitive and creates no mess or spillage when used.
  • The mechanism is a metered dose pump (50mcl) where the patient receives the same exact dose each time (200 doses per pack).
  • It is non-aerosol and creates a gentle mist spray which dramatically increases the surface area of the oil allowing the droplets to adhere to the ear canal walls.
  • The spray allows much less oil to be used per dose and no unsightly cotton wool plugs are required to keep the oil in the ear as it adheres to the ear canal walls (droppers use 1ml while the metered dose spray uses 0.05ml).
  • The clear glass bottle allows patients to see precisely what they are spraying into their ear and to know when re-ordering is due.
  • Earol® is clinically proven and recommended by the healthcare community.
  • Earol® can be used prophylactically to ensure continued good ear hygiene.
  • Earol® is vital for the aging population using hearing aids (80% of all issues with hearing aids is wax-related).
  • Earol® is important for the younger population using smartphone earpieces to listen to music which dramatically increases the amount of wax produced.
  • Earol® is aircraft cabin-friendly.