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Brush-Baby Toothpaste

  • Brush-Baby Toothpaste
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Brush-Baby, the company behind the first chewable toothbrush for toddlers has launched a unique range of oral hygiene products for young children. Brush-Baby’s innovative oral care pathway is designed to help prevent dental problems in young mouths through a gentle daily routine. The launch of Brush-Baby’s oral care pathway for children is in line with current thinking on encouraging oral hygiene in children, including the government’s 2010 commitment to put an ‘additional focus’ on early years’ oral health. According to Department of Health figures, some 30% of British children suffer from decay in an average of 3.5 teeth. Dr John Milne, who chairs the British Dental Association’s general dental practitioners’ committee, has welcomed the government’s move. He said: “Improving oral health of children needs to start much earlier than primary school. Local prevention needs to be targeted virtually from birth to be effective in improving oral health of children.” Company founder Dominique Tillen said: “Brush-Baby arose from the need for oral hygiene products that were more compatible with skills and behaviours of babies, toddlers and young children and suited their developing dentition. Our first product the Chewable Toothbrush is aimed at teething toddlers. It uses what comes naturally to this age group, chewing action, and meets the need to clean both teeth and gums and to soothe teething gums. Dentists, hygienists and nurses have welcomed the Chewable Toothbrush as it is ideal for preventative help.” Now Brush-Baby has gone further to provide mums with a range of five products that create an easy to follow pathwayforgood oral hygiene from birth to childhood, one that is designed to encourage good oral hygiene practices from early on and promote oral health. The range features eye-catching packaging with engaging pack photography and is backed by stand-out point of sale, cleverly designed to achieve shelf space-saving merchandising. The concept offers dentists significant cross-selling opportunities. *Toothbrushes not included, they can be purchased here.