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Wellgate Ultra Light Knee Support

  1. £20.99

The Wellgate Ultra-Light Knee Support is soft, flexible and comfy. It is appropriate for putting on throughout work-outs or all day long. The graceful design fits easily under clothing and offers lightweight flexible compression and support for stiff, weak, sore or arthritic knees and helps to prevent re-injuries.

The support includes a unique hour glass shape which will help the support fit easily around a woman's natural shape. Additionally, it features a control band top to stop chafing and stop the support sliding throughout everyday movement and use.
- Soft breathable fabric with four way stretch
- Control band top to prevent slipping
- Hour glass design fits smoothly around a woman's thigh
- Advanced technology, designed to fit women
- Subtle feminine design
- Provides support for stiff, weak, sore or arthritic knees
- Helps prevent further injury
- Soothing comfort for aching joints
- Effective and comfortable all day support for work day or work out
- Flexible design fits comfortably underneath clothes
- Designed to ease around a woman's thigh for a smooth fit
- Soft breathable fabric for everyday comfort