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Rephresh Vaginal Gel -12 Day Supply

  • Rephresh Vaginal Gel -12 Day Supply
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BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) is one of the most common forms of vaginal infection. It is caused by an upset in the naturally acidic vaginal pH. A normal vaginal pH of around 4.5 is important for maintaining vaginal health. At this optimum level the vagina contains specific balance of various harmless bacteria. If this delicate pH balance is disturbed it can cause certain types of bacteria to flourish and lead to symptoms such as: Thick discharge Itching or irritation Unpleasant feminine odour Clinically proven to treat and prevent Bacterial Vaginosis Each application balances vaginal pH for up to three days Eliminates feminine odour Relieves itching and irritation Safe to use with condoms By using regularly RepHresh maintains healthy vaginal pH to reduce risk of vaginal infections (thrush and BV) Each pack contains 4 pre-filled mess free applications for simple, hygienic internal application Maintains Healthy pH to help reduce the risk of Vaginal Infections