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Poligrip Flavour Free Denture Fixative Cream

  • Poligrip Flavour Free Denture Fixative Cream
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Size: 40g Even if your dentures fit well Poligrip Ultra's unbeatable hold formula will provide a strong and lasting hold for a feeling of extra confidence and control. So you can enjoy foods you might otherwise avoid. Just a thin layer will give you improved comfort and help reduce denture irritation.

The seal it creates between the plate and the gums will help prevent irritating bits of food getting under your plate.Dosage/Directions:

1. Clean denture preferably by brushing with Dentu-Crème. Dry thoroughly.

2. Apply Poligrip in short half inch strips to the denture.

3. Press dentures firmly into place for several seconds.

4. Wait several minutes before eating and drinking.

5. The denture can be removed easily when required.

Brush gently with warm water to remove any remaining fixative. Now available in Ultra Mint Or Flavour Free! Bulk Discounts Available !!