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Lansinoh Pure Lanolin Nipple Cream 40ml

  • Lansinoh Pure Lanolin Nipple Cream 40ml
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Lansinoh pure lanolin nipple cream 56g Lansinoh is the world's purest lanolin and has been specifically developed for the treatment of sore and cracked nipples alongside help with positioning and attachment (often the underlying cause of sore nipples). Features 100% pure hypoallergenic HPA® lanolin Odourless Tasteless Additive free Clinically and dermatologically proven Used in 90% of UK hospitals How does it work? Lansinoh works by the process of moist wound healing. Studies reveal moist wound healing offers a soothing environment for sore nipples and as no scab is formed, healing is accelerated. An important additional benefit of moist wound healing is that it offers immediate pain relief, an urgent need for any mother with sore nipples.