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Fixodent Denture Adhesive Cream Fresh - 40ml

  • Fixodent Denture Adhesive Cream Fresh - 40ml
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Fixodent Denture Adhesive CreamFreshExtra Fresh Minty FlavourExtra Strong Hold - All Day LongUsed every day, you can laugh, talk and eat with great comfort and confidence. Helps hold your dentures strong all day. Helps stop food particles getting under your denture. Gives comfort by cushioning your dentures. Plase read this leaflet carefully before using Fixodent. If you are not sure about anything or have any questions please ask your dentist or doctor.Useful tips and hints from Fixodent:Wearing your dentures:* Follow the advice of your dentist* To help you adapt your dentist may advise you to wear your dentures all the time for several days.Eating and Drinking:* Avoid hard or sticky foods, and those with pips or seeds* Take care with very hot and cold foods* Your sense of taste may feel impaired, but you will quickly adaptBiting and Chewing:* Take small bites and try to chew slowly and evenlySpeaking and Hearing:* Practice speaking in front of a mirror to give you confidence* Bite and swallow before you speak to ensure your dentures are in the right position* You may think you sound different but you don't to othersMost of all have patience. It may take time but you will get used to your new dentures.Fixodent TipsFollow the directions on the tube carefully. Squeeze the tube from bottom up, flatten, do not roll it up. To avoid clogging, keep the tube cap and nozzle dry. Consult your dentist regularly to ensure proper fitting dentures.While Using FixodentMost people will experience no side effects with Fixodent denture adhesive cream however as with all denture products occasionally some people will have side effects. These can include changes of taste sensation, in particular among smokers. Symptoms such as swelling and redness in the mouth or even more rarely symptoms affecting the whole body. If you notice anything unusual, or have any unexpected effects, talk to your dentist or doctor.