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Endekay Toothbrush Brush & Floss

  • Endekay Toothbrush Brush & Floss
  1. £4.99

Endekay toothbrushes were the first in the UK to introduce PBT Tech Microfine bristles, in January 2005 and the Brush & Floss Toothbrush is the latest edition to the range.

The new Brush & Floss Toothbrush effectively cleans between your teeth and along the gum line using the unique tapered bristle design. These highly flexible bristles conform to your teeth and gums, resulting in better brushing and greater overall plaque removal.

The advanced recovery potential results in a longer brush life. PBT Tech bristles are also extra kind to your gums, being clinically proven to reduce the possibility of gum damage by 3.8 times*, when compared with conventional nylon bristles.