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Dentogen Clove Oil Gel 10g

  • Dentogen Clove Oil Gel 10g
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Dentogen clove oil gel is used for the temporary relief of toothache due to a dental cavity. 


  • Apply a little gel accurately to the decayed part of the tooth using either a clean finger tip, or a cotton wool bud.
  • To be repeated as necessary.
  • Not recommended for use by infants. 

Ingredients: Clove Oil BP 20% w/w, Peppermint Essence, Carbopol 940 BP, Triethanolamine BP, Propylene Glycol Ph Eur. 

Precautions: Not to be used if an abscess is suspected. Prolonged use should be avoided. If this is necessary, dental attention should be sought as soon as possible. If accidentally swallow large quantities of Dentogen clove oil gel, consult your doctor. No side effects or interactions with any other medicines have been reported with the use of Dentogen clove oil gel. If you experience any unusual effects tell your doctor, dentist or pharmacist.