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Curasept Gel

  • Curasept Gel
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Curasept Parodontal Gel is a new topical gingival treatment offering all the benefits of Curasept Mouth Rinse but in a higher strength gel. It contains 0.5% chlorhexidine, and is intended for short-term, intensive use and offers effective protection against plaque and caries. Suitable for help with: • Mouth ulcers • Gingivitis • Periodontitis • Receding Gums • Care after oral surgery • Caries The gel is alcohol and sugar free and also has the unique anti-discolouration system which greatly reduces tooth discolouration and the unpleasant changes in taste perception associated with traditional chlorhexidine products. To protect tooth enamel the pH is 6.2 Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Those who would otherwise avoid chlorhexidine products can now enjoy the benefits of chlorhexidine in a more acceptable form. Curasept Gel will help to prevent post-treatment and post-operative complications when used before or after dental treatment, including endodontic and implant procedures. Chlorhexidine di-gluconate has been established in Europe as the oral antimicrobial of choice for over 30 years, what Curasept has done is really bring this preparation up to date with no more discolouration to teeth, tongue and gums, and gone is the vile taste of traditional preparations.