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Curaprox Interdental Brushes (Packs of 5 & 8)

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Many bacteria which cause bad breath are located between the teeth and you need to mechanically remove this plaque in order to help minimise halitosis.

The CURAPROX new generation of space filling inter dental brushes will remove this plaque.There is a very strong connection between oral health and general health.. Effective oral hygiene is a key to insuring general health.

Oral and dental disease have the potential to weaken the immune system and make you more susceptible to heart attack, stroke, diabetes and many other health problems.

Cleaning between your teeth is thus also important in maintaining optimal health. You can do it!. You just need the proper tools to use.

The CURAPROX inter proximal brush system provides the right sized brush for all of the gaps between your teeth. The soft, spiral brush can reach and gently and effectively clean these area.

This system with interchangeable brushes on a long handle also allows you better reach to those awkward areas between your back teeth without having to put your fingers too far in to the mouth