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BioXtra Gel 40ml

  • BioXtra Gel 40ml
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Mouth moisturising gel ideal for anyone suffering with a dry mouth. Dry mouth caused by many factors (Medications, auto-immune disease, mouth breathing) and is a MAJOR CAUSE OF BAD BREATHBio Xtras benefit as a product are as follows:

  • Provides the feeling of long-lasting moisture, especially at night.
  • Contains essential salivary defence factors.
  • Mimics saliva's natural protective activity.
  • Promotes a normal, balanced oral environment.
  • Encourages the presence of favourable bacteria (Ora bacterial flora).
  • Easy to use and tolerate. 
  •  Safe for long-term use. 

 Does NOT contain alcohol, menthol or foaming agents which dry the mouth (Many mouth washes contain these products!! Avoid them if you are prone to a dry mouth). Improve sufferers quality of life. Promotes fresher breath. Is suitable for denture wearers, diabetics and children.

Bio Xtra's active ingredients are: Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrin, Lysozymes and immunoglobulins which are all extracts of natural salivary components. Other ingredients include Xylitol, Fluoride, Whey Extract, Aloe Vera, Glucose Oxidase and moisturiser."

How to use :

  • Brush at least twice a day using bioXtra® Mild Anti-bacterial Toothpaste, using a good quality toothbrush.
  • Clean between teeth using interdental brushes, floss or sticks.
  • For superior comfort, apply bioXtra® Moisturising Gel to gums and tongue at regular intervals during the day and especially before bedtime.
  • May also benefit denture wearers. >Chew bioXtra® sugar-free Gum as required.

This is specially formulated not to stick to dentures and is a convenient discreet way to soothe a dry mouth during the day.