TePe InterDental Gel

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The interdental space is a risk area for development of caries. TePe Interdental Gel with Fluoride offers efficient protection against approximal caries. Apply with TePe Interdental Brushes for a smooth, efficient and refreshing cleaning where you need it most between the teeth. Interdental Space The interdental space is a risk area for both caries and gingivitis. Fluoride gel in combination with the use of a interdental brush is the most effective way of adding fluoride between the teeth. Applying the Gel There are two convenient methods of applying the gel to the interdental brush. One way is to simply drip the gel along the brush. Another way of applying the gel is to use the unique TePe cap as a bowl: pour gel into the cap, dip the whole brush into the gel and start using between the teeth. Start in the back of the mouth where there is higher risk for approximal caries. For optimal fluoride effect, the interdental gel should be used after tooth brushing, preferably in the evening. Do not rinse your mouth after use. When is TePe Interdental Gel recommended? TePe Interdental Gel with Fluoride strengthens the teeth. It is specially recommended for persons with increased risk of developing caries. TePe Interdental Gel is also appropriate for those who care for their oral health and want extra fluoride protection. *Each bottle of TePe Interdental Gel comes with a free TePe Interdental Brush (size of brush may vary)* Features Most effective way of adding fluoride between the teeth Prevents carries and protects sensitive root surfaces Contains no abrasives, gentle to the teeth Includes FREE TePe Interdental Brush