BlanX ExtraWhite Intensive Whitening Treatment 30ml

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  • BlanX ExtraWhite Intensive Whitening Treatment 30ml


BlanX Extrawhite Intensive Whitening Treatment is a professional intensive whitening treatment created by experts within the BlanX laboratories. Thanks to its triple action formula, it quickly and effectively removes stains from the teeth to restore them back to their natural whiteness: 1. Its unique formula, based on Arctic lichen, is safe to use without being aggressive on the enamel. 2. It contains a unique whitening agent which makes BlanX especially suitable for smokers and or drinkers of tea, coffee and red wine. 3. It contains particles which effectively remove stains during brushing and which help to clean, polish and whiten the teeth. Directions For Use: Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes with BlanX Extrawhite Intensive Whitening Treatment. Use continuously over a period of two weeks and you will see visible results that can be measured using the BlanXometer inside the pack.